What does COPARCENARY mean?

COPARCENARY meaning in General Dictionary

Partnership in inheritance combined heirship joint right of succession to an inheritance

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  • Partnership in inheritance; shared heirship; joint right of succession to an inheritance.

COPARCENARY meaning in Law Dictionary

species of estate, or tenancy, which is out there where places of inheritance descend from the ancestor to two or more individuals. It arises in The united kingdomt either by-common legislation or particular custom. By common legislation, as in which one, seised iu feesimple or fee-tail, dies, along with his next heirs are two or higher females, his daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, or their representatives; in this instance each of them inherit, that coheirs tend to be then known as "coparceners," or, for brevity, "parceners" just. Litt.

Sentence Examples with the word COPARCENARY

The principle is of ancient origin; as regards goods and chattels it was part of the ancient customs of London and the province of York, and as regards land descending in coparcenary it has always been part of the common law of England under the name of hotch-pot.

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