What does COGNIZABLE mean?

COGNIZABLE meaning in General Dictionary

with the capacity of becoming known or apprehended as cognizable causes

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  • effective at being understood
  • with the capacity of becoming known or apprehended; as, cognizable causes.
  • Fitted to be an interest of judicial research;u000du000a capable of being judicially heard and determined.

COGNIZABLE meaning in Law Dictionary

effective at being seen as a member of an original group because of the common traits distributed to other users.

COGNIZABLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "with the capacity of becoming known," additionally "liable to be tried in confirmed courtroom or jurisdiction," from stem of cognizance + -able.

Sentence Examples with the word COGNIZABLE

It is therefore as unalterable, even by God himself, as the truths of mathematics, although its effect may be overruled in any particular case by an express command of God; hence it is cognizable a priori, from the abstract consideration of human nature, though its existence may be known a posteriori also from its universal acceptance in human societies.

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