What does CHARITABLE mean?

CHARITABLE meaning in General Dictionary

filled with love and great will benevolent kind

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  • concerning or characterized by charity
  • showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity
  • packed with love and generosity
  • filled with love and good will; benevolent; sort.
  • Liberal in judging of other individuals; disposed to appear on most readily useful side, and also to stay away from harsh view.
  • Liberal in benefactions to the poor; giving freely; substantial; beneficent.
  • Of or regarding charity; springing from, or meant for, charity; relating to almsgiving; eleemosynary; because, a charitable institution.
  • Dictated by kindness; positive; lenient.

CHARITABLE meaning in Law Dictionary

getting the character or purpose of a charity, (g. v.)

CHARITABLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, in reference to the Christian virtue, from Old French non-profit, from charit

CHARITABLE - French to English

Christian [fig.] [charitable]

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  • altruistic

Sentence Examples with the word CHARITABLE

Most of the charitable institutions - for instance, the convalescent home, fever hospital, home for girls and Red House home - are situated at Inveresk, about 12 m.

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