What does CHANGER mean?

CHANGER meaning in General Dictionary

one that changes or alters the form of something

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  • somebody who changes anything
  • a computerized mechanical unit on accurate documentation player that causes brand new records become played without manual input
  • a person who changes or alters the type of everything.
  • One who deals in or changes money.
  • One likely to alter; an inconstant person.

CHANGER meaning in Law Dictionary

n officer formerly belonging to the master's mint, in England, whoever company ended up being chiefly to change coin for bullion introduced by merchants also

CHANGER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., representative noun from modification (v.), otherwise from Old French changeour "money-changer, barterer," from changier.

Sentence Examples with the word CHANGER

The most widely used is the revolving changer (fig.

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