What does CASE RESERVED mean?

CASE RESERVED meaning in Law Dictionary

declaration on paper of the details proved regarding test of an underlying cause, drawn up and satisfied by the solicitors and counsel when it comes to particular functions in supervision of judge, for the purpose of having certain things of law, which arose during the test and might not after that be satisfactorily decided, determined upon full debate before the judge in banc. It is otherwise called a "unique instance;" and it's also normal for the parties, where law associated with situation is skeptical, to agree totally that the jury shall find an over-all verdict when it comes to plaintiff, subject to the opinion of this courtroom upon these types of an incident become made, in the place of acquiring through the jury a unique decision. 3 I>1. Comm. 378; 3 Steph. Comm. 621; Steph. PI. 92. 93; 1 Burrill, Pr. 242, 463.