What does CART mean?

CART meaning in General Dictionary

to transport burdens in a cart to adhere to business of a carter

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  • To carry or convey in a cart
  • A common name for assorted forms of automobiles as a Scythian home on rims or a chariot
  • draw slowly or greatly
  • transport one thing in a cart
  • wheeled automobile that may be pressed by one; may have some or four rims
  • much open wagon frequently having two tires and attracted by a pet
  • a standard name for various types of vehicles, as a Scythian dwelling on wheels, or a chariot.
  • A two-wheeled automobile the ordinary reasons of husbandry, or even for moving cumbersome and hefty articles.
  • A light business wagon utilized by bakers, grocerymen, butchers, etc.
  • An open two-wheeled pleasure carriage.
  • to transport or express in a cart.
  • to reveal in a cart by means of punishment.
  • To carry burdens in a cart; to check out the company of a carter.

CART meaning in Law Dictionary

carriage for luggage or burden, with two tires, as distinguished from a wagon, which lias four tires. The vehicle where criminals are taken fully to execution. This word, with its ordinary and main acceptation, signifies a carriage with two wheels; yet it has also a more extended signification, and can even suggest a carriage overall. Favers v. Glass, 22 Ala. 624, 58 Am. Dec. 272.

CART meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, from Old Norse kartr or the same Scandinavian resource, comparable to and changing Old English cr

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  • "to hold in a cart," late 14c., from cart (n.). Related: Carted; carting.

Sentence Examples with the word CART

But beneath the slope, by the cart with the wounded near the panting little nag where Pierre stood, it was damp, somber, and sad.

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