What does CARRY AWAY mean?

CARRY AWAY meaning in Law Dictionary

In unlawful law. The act of treatment or asportation, where the criminal activity of larceny is finished, and that is necessary to constitute it. Com. v. Adams, 7 Gray (Mass.) 45; Com. v. Pratt, 132 Mass. 246; Gettinger v. State, 13 Neb. 308, 14 N. W. 403.

CARRY AWAY meaning in General Dictionary

eliminate from a particular place, environment, or emotional or psychological condition; transport into a area or state

Sentence Examples with the word CARRY AWAY

Thus he was obliged, in 1525, to grant local autonomy to the province of Prussia instead of annexing it; he was unable to succour his unfortunate nephew, Louis of Hungary, against the Turkish peril; he was compelled to submit to the occupation of one Lithuanian province after the other by the Muscovites, and look on helplessly while myriads of Tatars penetrated to the very heart of his domains, wasting with fire and sword everything they could not carry away with them.

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