What does CARNAL mean?

CARNAL meaning in General Dictionary

Of or related to your body or its appetites pet fleshly sexy provided to sensual indulgence lustful individual or worldly unlike spiritual

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  • of or regarding the body or skin
  • marked because of the appetites and passions for the body
  • Of or pertaining to the human body or its appetites; pet; fleshly; sensual; given to sexy indulgence; lustful; person or worldly as opposed to spiritual.
  • Flesh-devouring; harsh; ravenous; bloody.

CARNAL meaning in Law Dictionary

associated with the body; relating to the body; fleshly; sexual.

CARNAL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "physical, individual, mortal," from Old French carnal and straight from Medieval Latin carnalis "natural, of the identical blood," from Latin carnis "associated with the skin," genitive of caro "flesh, animal meat" (see carnage). Indicating "sensual" is from early 15c.; compared to "worldly, sinful" is from mid-15c. Carnal understanding is attested from very early 15c. and was at appropriate usage by 1680s.

Sentence Examples with the word CARNAL

Manichaeans, again, holding their spiritual being to be unaffected by the action of matter, regarded carnal sins as being, at worst, forms of bodily disease.

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