What does CARDINAL mean?

CARDINAL meaning in General Dictionary

the ecclesiastical princes which constitute the popes council or perhaps the sacred college

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  • Of fundamental relevance preeumlminent superior main principal
  • serving as an important component
  • being or denoting a numerical amount although not purchase
  • the amount of elements in a mathematical ready; denotes an amount yet not the order
  • (Roman Catholic Church) certainly one of several significantly more than 100 prominent bishops inside Sacred College which advise the Pope and elect new Popes
  • a variable color averaging a vivid red
  • crested thick-billed North American finch having scarlet plumage when you look at the male
  • Of fundamental relevance; preeminent; superior; main; key.
  • one of several ecclesiastical princes just who constitute the pope's council, or perhaps the sacred college.
  • a lady's quick cloak with a hood.
  • Mulled red wine.

CARDINAL meaning in Law Dictionary

In ecclesiastical legislation. a dignitary associated with the judge of Rome, after that in position towards pope.

CARDINAL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 12c., "one of the ecclesiastical princes who constitute the sacred university" (quick for cardinalis ecclesiae Romanae or episcopus cardinalis), from Latin cardinalis "principal, main, essential" (see cardinal (adj.)). Ecclesiastical use began for presbyters of the main (cardinal) churches of Rome. The North American songbird (Cardinalis virginianus) is attested from 1670s, so named because of its similarity into the cardinals in their purple robes.

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  • "primary, pivotal," very early 14c., from Latin cardinalis "principal, main, crucial," from cardo (genitive cardinis) "that upon which some thing transforms or depends; pole of sky," originally "door hinge," which is of unidentified source. Relevant: Cardinally. The cardinal things (1540s) tend to be north, south, east, west. The cardinal sins (c.1600) are way too famous to need rehearsal. The cardinal virtues (c.1300) were divided into natural (justice prudence, temperance, fortitude) and theological (faith, hope, charity). The normal people had been the first traditional ones, of amended by Christians. But usually in center English just the very first four had been counted since the cardinal virtues: Of

CARDINAL meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Fish dishes which may have sauces made out of lobster fumet and generally are garnished with lobster beef.

CARDINAL - French to English


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  • cardinal

Sentence Examples with the word CARDINAL

Ere long his abilities attracted the notice of Cardinal Wolsey, who made him his secretary, and in this capacity he is said to have been with him at More Park in Hertfordshire, when the conclusion of the celebrated treaty of the More brought Henry VIII.

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