What does CAPTOR mean?

CAPTOR meaning in General Dictionary

one that catches anyone or thing as a prisoner or a prize

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  • a person who catches and keeps people or creatures
  • One who captures anybody or thing, as a prisoner or a reward.

CAPTOR meaning in Law Dictionary

In International legislation. One that takes or seizes residential property in time of war; a person who takes the property of an enemy. In a stricter good sense, one who takes a prize at sea. 2 Bl. Comm. 401; 1 Kent, Comm. 86, 96, 103.

CAPTOR meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from Latin captor "a catcher," representative noun from captus, previous participle of capere "to take" (see capable). Earlier in the day it required "censor" (1640s). Fem. form captress taped from 1867.

Sentence Examples with the word CAPTOR

I knew I had only bought time for Molly and I and our captor would soon learn of the nonsense I'd fed him and be done with me.

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