What does CAPTCHA mean?

CAPTCHA meaning in Marketing Dictionary

abbrev. “Completely automatic Public Turing test to share with Computers and Humans Apart”; a challenge-response assessment system; typically a graphic that contains a number of ambiguated figures that audience must re-type in confirmed industry.

CAPTCHA meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to share with Computers and Humans Aside, CAPTCHA is a protection that identifies humans from computer systems. A commonly utilized CAPTCHA is a picture that's distorted that contains text this is certainly easy for humans to learn, but hard or impossible for computer systems to read through. The image is a good example of a CAPTCHA.

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  • completely automatic general public Turing test to tell computer systems and people apart

CAPTCHA meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

A captcha is program accustomed verify that a person, instead of a computer, is entering data. Captchas are commonly seen at the conclusion of web-based forms and have an individual to enter text from a distorted image. The writing in the image are wavy, have actually outlines through it, or is very irregular, making it extremely difficult for an automated program to identify it. (naturally, some captchas are distorted that they'll be hard for people to identify as well.) Thankfully, many captchas enable the user to replenish the image if text is just too difficult to read. Some even consist of an auditory pronunciation feature. By needing a captcha reaction, webmasters can possibly prevent automatic programs, or "bots," from completing types online. This prevents junk e-mail from becoming delivered through internet site types and ensures that wikis, such as Wikipedia, are just edited by people. Captchas may used by websites such Ticketmaster.com to be sure people cannot bog-down the server with repeated needs. While captchas could be a trouble to your individual, they could save your self website owners most hassle by fending off automatic programs. Title "captcha" comes from your message "capture," as it captures human being answers. It might be written "CAPTCHA," which will be an acronym for "Completely automatic Public Turing test to inform computer systems and Humans Apart."