What does CAPITULATION mean?

CAPITULATION meaning in General Dictionary

a reducing to minds or articles a formal arrangement

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  • a document containing the terms of surrender
  • an overview that enumerates the main areas of an interest
  • the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions)
  • A reducing to heads or articles; an official agreement.
  • The work of capitulating or surrendering to an emeny upon stipulated terms.
  • The tool containing the regards to an agreement or surrender.

CAPITULATION meaning in Law Dictionary

In army legislation. The surrender of a fort or fortified city to a besieging military; the treaty or arrangement between your commanding officials which embodies the stipulations which the surrender is made. Inside civil law. An agreement through which the prince and also the individuals, or individuals who have the best of the people, regulate the manner when the government is usually to be administered. Wolffius,

CAPITULATION meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "an understanding," from center French capitulation, noun of activity from capituler "agree on specified terms," from Medieval Latin capitulare "to attract up in minds or chapters, arrange problems," from capitulum "chapter," in traditional Latin "heading," actually "somewhat head," diminutive of caput (genitive capitis) "head" (see capitulum). Meaning narrowed by mid-17c. to "make regards to surrender."

Sentence Examples with the word CAPITULATION

The defeat, in 1806 and 1807, of two British expeditions to Buenos Aires and Montevideo, resulting in the capitulation of the English force, gave a great impulse to the self-reliance of the colonists, to whom the credit of the victory entirely belonged.

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