What does CAPITULARY mean?

CAPITULARY meaning in General Dictionary

concerning the part of a cathedral capitular

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  • A capitular
  • of or related to an ecclesiastical part
  • A capitular.
  • the human body of laws or statutes of a chapter, or of an ecclesiastical council.
  • A collection of rules or statutes, municipal and ecclesiastical, esp. associated with Frankish kings, in chapters or parts.
  • concerning the chapter of a cathedral; capitular.

CAPITULARY meaning in Law Dictionary

In French law. An assortment and code of the regulations and ordinances promulgated because of the kings of the Merovingian and Carlovingian dynasties. Any organized and organized collection or signal of rules. In ecclesiastical law. An accumulation of legislation and ordinances orderly organized by divisions. A novel containing first and end of each and every Gospel that will be becoming read every day in the ceremony of saying mass. Du Cange.

Sentence Examples with the word CAPITULARY

In the registers of these popes, which are now being actively investigated and published, dispensations (licences to violate the laws of the Church); indulgences; imposts levied with increasing regularity on universal Christendom and, in particular, on the clerks; the settlement of questions relating to church debts; the granting of lucrative benefices to Roman functionaries; the divers processes by which the Curia acquired the immediate disposal of monastic, capitulary and episcopal revenues - in short, all financial matters are of the first importance.

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