What does CAPITALIST mean?

CAPITALIST meaning in General Dictionary

one that features capital a person who has actually money for investment or cash invested esp a person of large home that is employed in business

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  • of or associated with capitalism or capitalists
  • favoring or practicing capitalism
  • a conservative supporter of capitalism
  • an individual who invests capital in a small business (especially a sizable company)
  • person who features money; one who has money for investment, or cash invested; esp. one of big home, which can be utilized running a business.

CAPITALIST meaning in Law Dictionary

a person whoever income comes from an investment.

CAPITALIST meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1791, "man of cash," from French capitaliste, a coinage associated with the Revolution and a phrase of reproach; see money (n.1) + -ist. Related: Capitalistic.

Sentence Examples with the word CAPITALIST

At the congress of St-Etienne the difference developed into separation, those who refused all compromise with a capitalist government following Guesde, while the opportunists formed several groups.

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