What does CAPABLE mean?

CAPABLE meaning in General Dictionary

having ability certification or susceptibility having capacity of adequate dimensions or energy as a room capable of holding a large number a castle effective at resisting a lengthy assault

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  • possibly accepting or allowing
  • possess abilities and qualifications to complete things well
  • (accompanied by `of') getting the temperament or desire for
  • (usually accompanied by `of') having capacity or ability
  • obtaining the prerequisite attributes for
  • Possessing capability, qualification, or susceptibility; having ability; of sufficient dimensions or power; because, a space with the capacity of keeping a large number; a palace with the capacity of resisting an extended attack.
  • having adequate energy; skilled; able; completely skilled; since, a competent trainer; a good judge; a mind capable of good investigations.
  • Possessing appropriate power or capacity; as, a guy effective at making an agreement, or a will.
  • Capacious; big; comprehensive.

CAPABLE meaning in Law Dictionary

This term means to be competent; having appropriate energy or even to be qualified.

CAPABLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, from center French capable or straight from belated Latin capabilis "receptive; capable understand or hold," used by theologians, from Latin capax "able to put up much, wide, wide, spacious;" also "receptive, complement;" adjectival type of capere "to understand, put hold, just take, catch; undertake; take-in, hold; be adequate for; understand," from PIE *kap- "to know" (cognates: Sanskrit kapati "two handfuls;" Greek kaptein "to swallow, gulp down;" Lettish kampiu "seize;" Old Irish cacht "servant-girl," literally "captive;" Welsh caeth "captive, servant;" Gothic haban "have, hold;" Old English h

CAPABLE - French to English

in a position

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  • able

Sentence Examples with the word CAPABLE

In another system introduced by the Mannesmann Tube Company the prop is made up of weldless steel tubes sliding telescopically one within the other, which are fixed at the right height by a screw clamp capable of carrying a load of 15 to 16 tons.

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