What does CANVASS mean?

CANVASS meaning in General Dictionary

Close evaluation cautious analysis for verification as a canvass of ballots

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  • to find thoroughly to take part in solicitation by traversing an area as to canvass for subscriptions or for ballots to canvass for a book a publisher or perhaps in account of a charity frequently followed closely by for
  • To sift to stress to look at completely to scrutinize on canvass the ballots cast at an election to canvass a district with reference to its likely vote
  • solicit ballots from prospective voters in an electoral campaign
  • have the viewpoints (of individuals) by asking specific questions
  • consider in detail and subject to an analysis to discover crucial functions or definition
  • the environment for a narrative or imaginary or remarkable account
  • an inquiry into public-opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of individuals
  • an oil painting on canvas textile
  • a tent manufactured from canvas textile
  • a sizable piece of textile (usually canvas textile) by way of which wind can be used to propel a sailing vessel
  • the pad that forms the floor of this ring in which boxers or professional wrestlers compete
  • a heavy, closely woven textile (used for clothing or seats or sails or tents)
  • To sift; to stress; to look at completely; to scrutinize; as, to canvass the votes cast at an election; to canvass a district with regards to its likely vote.
  • To examine by discussion; to debate.
  • To go trough, with private solicitation or general publicu000du000a addresses; since, to canvass a district for ballots; to canvass a town foru000du000a subscriptions.
  • to locate completely; to engage in solicitation by traversing an area; as, to canvass for subscriptions and for ballots; to canvass for a novel, a writer, or in behalf of a charity; -- generally followed by for.
  • Close assessment; careful review for confirmation; since, a canvass of ballots.
  • Examination in the form of discussion or debate.
  • Research; research; solicitation; systematic work to obtain ballots, members, etc.

CANVASS meaning in Law Dictionary

The work of examining and counting the returns of votes cast at a public election. Bowler v. Eisenhood, 1 S. Dak. 577, 48 N. W. 130, 12 L. It. A. 705; Clark v. Tracy, 95 Iowa, 410, 04 N. W. 290; Hudson v. Solomon, 19 Kan. ISO; Folks v. Sausalito, 106 Cal. 500, 39 Pac. 937; In re Stewart, 24 App. Div. 201, 48 N. Y. Supp. 957.

CANVASS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from alternate spelling of canvas (n.) and most likely indicating, initially, "to toss or sift in a canvas sheet," therefore "to shake-out, examine very carefully" (1520s); "to obtain votes" (1550s). The spelling with a double -s- dates from 16c. Compare Old French canabasser "to look at carefully," virtually "to sift through fabric." Associated: Canvassed; canvassing. As a noun associated with this, attested from c.1600.

Sentence Examples with the word CANVASS

He expressed himself plainly during the canvass on the questions of slavery and the bank, at the same time voting, perhaps with a touch of bravado, for a bill offered in 1836 to subject abolition literature in the mails to the laws of the several states.

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