What does CANONICAL mean?

CANONICAL meaning in Law Dictionary

related to, or in conformity to, the canons for the chapel.

CANONICAL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "according to ecclesiastical legislation," from Medieval Latin canonicalis, from belated Latin canonicus "according to rule," in Church Latin, "pertaining into the canon" (see canon (n.1)). Early in the day ended up being canonial (early 13c.).

CANONICAL meaning in General Dictionary

appearing in a biblical canon

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  • of or associated with or required by canon legislation
  • reduced towards simplest and a lot of considerable type feasible without lack of generality
  • conforming to orthodox or acknowledged principles

Sentence Examples with the word CANONICAL

Viii.) is also valuable for bridging the gulf between the canonical and the non-canonical traditions and for its just attitude to the criticism of historical traditions.

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