What does CANCELLI mean?

CANCELLI meaning in General Dictionary

An interwoven or latticed wall surface or inclosure latticework rails or crossbars as around the club of a court of justice amongst the chancel plus the nave of a church or in a window

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  • An interwoven or latticed wall surface or inclosure; latticework, rails, or crossbars, as around the bar of a court of justice, between your chancel and the nave of a church, or perhaps in a window.
  • The interlacing osseous dishes constituting the elastic permeable tissue of certain components of the bones, esp. within their articular extremities.

CANCELLI meaning in Law Dictionary

The rails or lattice work or balusters inclosing the club of a courtroom of justice or the communion table. In addition the lines attracted on face of a will or any other writing, aided by the purpose of revoking or annulling it. See CANCEL.