What does CAMPUS mean?

CAMPUS meaning in General Dictionary

The principal grounds of an university or school between your buildings or inside the main inclosure once the college campus

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  • a field upon which the structures of a university are situated
  • the main grounds of a college or school, between your structures or inside the main inclosure; as, the faculty campus.

CAMPUS meaning in Law Dictionary

In old European law. An assembly of those; so called from being anciently held in the open air, in certain plain with the capacity of containing numerous people. In feudal and old English legislation. A field, or basic. The area, floor, or listings marked down for the combatants in the duellum, or test by battle.

CAMPUS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"university grounds," 1774, from Latin university "a field," probably precisely "an expanse surrounded" (by woods, higher surface, etc.), from PIE *kampos "a corner, cove," from root *kamp- "to bend" (cognates: Lithuanian kampus "corner," Polish kępa "cluster of trees or brush"). Very first used in university feeling at Princeton.

CAMPUS - German to English


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  • university

Sentence Examples with the word CAMPUS

The American University (chartered 1893), under Methodist Episcopal control, designed to bear a relation to the Protestant churches similar to that of the Catholic University to the Catholic Church, with a campus of 94 acres at the north-west end of the city, in 1910 had not been opened to students.

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