What does CAMELS rating mean?

CAMELS rating meaning in Law Dictionary

The CAMELS ratings or Camels score is a US supervisory rating of bank's general condition familiar with classify the country

CAMELS rating meaning in Business Dictionary

Soundness of a bank assessed on a scale of 1 (best) to 5 (weakest). Bank examiners (trained and utilized by the country's central lender) award these ranks on the basis of the adequacy and quality of a bank's Capital, possessions (financial loans and opportunities), control, profits, Liquidity, and Sensitivity (to systemic-risk). Banks with a rating of 1 are thought many stable; finance companies with a rating of a few are believed typical, and the ones with score of four to five are believed below average, and closely administered to make certain their particular viability. These ranks tend to be disclosed and then the bank's management and never to other financial institutions or perhaps the public. CAMELS rating is an advanced type of the older MACRO score. See also lender assessment.