What does CAMBIUM mean?

CAMBIUM meaning in General Dictionary

a number of formative cells lying outside of the timber right and inside of the inner bark The growth of the latest wood happens into the cambium which can be extremely smooth

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  • the inner level of periosteum
  • a formative one-cell layer of structure between xylem and phloem in many vascular plants which accountable for secondary growth
  • A series of formative cells lying not in the wood correct and inside of the internal bark. The rise of new wood occurs in cambium, that is extremely soft.
  • A fancied nutritive juice, previously likely to originate inside blood, to repair losings of the system, also to market its boost.

CAMBIUM meaning in Law Dictionary

inside civil-law. Change or change. A term applied indifferently into trade of land, money, or debts. Cambium reale or manuale was the definition of generally speaking always denote the technical common-law exchange of lands; cambium localc, mercantile. or trajcctitium, was regularly designate the present day mercantile contract of exchange, whereby a person agrees, in consideration of a sum of money compensated him in one single destination, to pay a like sum an additional spot. Poth. de Change, n. 12; Story, Bills,

CAMBIUM meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s in botany feeling, from Late Latin cambium "exchange," from Latin cambiare "modification" (see modification (v.)).

Sentence Examples with the word CAMBIUM

An ordinary cambium is scarcely ever found in the Monocotyledons, but in certain woody forms a secondary meristem is formed outside the primary bundles, and gives rise externally to a little secondary cortex, and internally to a secondary parenchyma in which are developed numerous zones of additional bundles, usually of concentric structure, with phloem surrounded by xylem.

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