What does CALL, N mean?

CALL, N meaning in Law Dictionary

1. In English legislation. The election of pupils on level of barrister at law, thus the service or epoch of election, additionally the range individuals elected. 2. In conveyancing. A visible normal item or landmark designated In a patent, entry. grant, or other conveyance of places, as a limit or boundary to your land explained with that your things of surveying must cor reply. Also the classes and distances designated. King v. Watkins (C. C.) 98 Fed. 922; Stockton v. Morris, 39 W. Va. 432, 19 S. E. 531. 3. In business legislation. A demand made by the administrators of a stock business upon the individuals who have subscribed for shares, needing a certain part or installment for the amount subscribed is paid-in. The phrase, inside good sense, in similar to "assessment," (q. v.) A call is an evaluation on stocks of stock, usually for uupaid installments of subscription thereto. The term is considered with the capacity of three definitions: (1) The resolution of directors to levy the assessment; (2) its notice towards individuals liable to pay; (3) the time when it becomes payable. Railway Co. v. Mitchell, 4 Exch. 543; Hatch v. Dana, 101 U. S. 205, 25 L. Ed. 8S5; Railroad Co. v. Spreckles, 05 Cal. 193, 3 Pac. 001, 802; Stewart v. Pub. Co., 1 Wash. St. 521, 20 Pac. 605. 4. in language of the stock market, a "call" is a choice to claim stock at a hard and fast cost on a particular time. White v. Treat (C. C.) 100 Fed. 290; Lumber Co. v. Whitebreast Coal Co., 160 111. 85, 43 N. E. 774, 31 L R. A. 529.