What does CALENDS mean?

CALENDS meaning in General Dictionary

the very first day of each month inside ancient Roman calendar

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  • the initial day of each month in the ancient Roman schedule.

CALENDS meaning in Law Dictionary

mong the. Romans 1st day's every month, being talked of on it's own. or perhaps the very day's the brand new moon, which usually happen collectively. While pridie, the afternoon before, be put into it. then it is the final day's this month, as pridie calcnd. Scptcmb. is the final day's August. If any number be placed with-it, it indicates that time when you look at the former month which comes much before the thirty days called, while the tenth calends of October may be the twentieth day of September; for if an individual reckons backwards, starting at October, that 20th day's September helps make the 10th time before October. In March, May, July, and October, the calends start at sixteenth day, however in various other months on fourteenth; which calends must ever bear the name of month after, and be numbered backwards from the first day of said following months. Jacob. See Rives v. Guthrie, 46 N. C. 87.

Sentence Examples with the word CALENDS

On the 5th day before the calends of October (Sept.

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