What does CAHIER mean?

CAHIER meaning in General Dictionary

some sheets of paper put loosely together esp one of the consecutive portions of a work imprinted in numbers

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  • Many sheets of paper put loosely together; esp. one associated with the successive portions of a work imprinted in figures.
  • A memorial of a body; a report of legislative proceedings, etc.

CAHIER meaning in Law Dictionary

In old French law. A summary of grievances prepared for deputies in statesgeneral. A petition when it comes to redress of grievances enumerated.

CAHIER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"exercise guide," c.1845, from French cahier "writing guide, copy-book," from Old French cayer, originally quaier "sheet of paper collapsed in four" (see quire).

CAHIER - French to English

exercise book [esp. school]

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  • copybook

Sentence Examples with the word CAHIER

In 1789 he was elected a member of the states-general by the clergy of the bailliage of Peronne, and from the first proved to be the most able and persevering defender of the ancien regime, although he had drawn up the greater part of the cahier of the clergy of Peronne, which contained a considerable programme of reform.

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