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CADET meaning in Law Dictionary

in the us laws, pupils inside military academy at West Point tend to be fashioned "cadets;" students when you look at the naval academy at Annapolis, "cadet midshipmen." Rev. St.

CADET meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1610, "younger son or brother," from French cadet "military student officer," noun usage of adjective, "younger" (15c.), from Gascon capdet "captain, main, youth of a noble household," from belated Latin capitellum, literally "little chief," hence, "inferior head of a family," diminutive of Latin caput "head" (see capitulum). "The eldest child being seen as 1st head of the family, the second son the cadet, or small mind" [Kitchin]. Obviously younger sons from Gascon noble families were sent to French court to act as officials, which offered your message its military definition. In English, the meaning "gentleman entering the military as an occupation" is from 1650s, and that of "student at a military college" is from 1775.

CADET meaning in General Dictionary

a military trainee (as at a military academy)

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  • younger of two brothers; a younger sibling or son; theu000du000a youngest son.
  • A gentleman whom holds arms in a regiment, as a volunteer, with a view of acquiring army ability and getting a commission.
  • A young guy in training for military or naval service; esp. a pupil in an army or naval college, as at western aim, Annapolis, or Woolwich.

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Among the most important balloon observations are those by le Cadet (1) F.

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