What does CABINET mean?

CABINET meaning in General Dictionary

A hut a cottage a tiny household

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  • ideal for a cabinet tiny
  • individuals appointed by a mind of condition to go executive departments of government and behave as formal advisers
  • a storage area for clothes and valuables; often it offers a lock
  • housing for electronic tools, as radio or television
  • a bit of furniture resembling a cupboard with doors and racks and drawers; for storage or screen
  • A hut; a cottage; a little household.
  • A small space, or retired apartment; a closet.
  • an exclusive space by which consultations are held.
  • The advisory council regarding the ceo of a nation; a closet council.
  • a couple of compartments or a cupboard designed to include articles of worth. Therefore:
  • A decorative furniture piece, whether available like an etagere or closed with doors. See Etagere.
  • Any building or space put aside when it comes to safe keeping and event of works of art, etc.; also, the collection itself.
  • suited to a cabinet; little.
  • To inclose

CABINET meaning in Law Dictionary

The consultative board or council of a king or other chief executive. In federal government of this united states of america the pantry consists of the secretary of state, the sec- cretary of this treasury, the secretary for the inside, the secretary of war, the secretary of this navy, the secretary of farming, the assistant of commerce and work, the attorney general, and also the postmaster general. The choose or key council of a prince or executive government; so-called from the apartment where it was originally held. Webster.

CABINET meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "secret storehouse, prize chamber," from center French case "tiny room" (16c.), diminutive of Old French cabane "cabin" (see cabin); maybe impacted by (or rather, from) Italian gabbinetto, diminutive of gabbia, from Latin cavea "stall, stoop, cage, den for pets" (see cave (letter.)). Indicating "case for safe-keeping" (of papers, alcohol, etc.) is from 1540s, gradually shading to imply a bit of furnishings that does this. Sense of "private area in which advisors satisfy" (c.1600) generated contemporary political meaning (1640s); maybe initially brief for cupboard council (1630s); compare board (n.1) in its development from spot where some group satisfies towards term when it comes to group that meets here.

CABINET - French to English

surgery [Br.] [doctor's workplace]

Sentence Examples with the word CABINET

In the state reformatory the labour of some inmates is leased to tailors, and the others make brooms or bricks, or work in a cabinet shop or on the farm.

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