What does CABALLERO mean?

CABALLERO meaning in General Dictionary

A knight or cavalier hence a gentleman

CABALLERO meaning in Law Dictionary

In Spanish law. A knight. So-called on account of its being more honorable to take horseback (d caballo) than on any kind of monster.

CABALLERO meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1877, "a Spanish guy," from Spanish caballero, from Latin caballarius, from caballus "a pack-horse, nag, hack" (see cavalier (n.)). Equivalent of French chevalier, Italian cavaliere.

CABALLERO - Spanish to English


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  • gentleman
  • horseman
  • knight [Middle years warrior]

CABALLERO - German to English

caballero [Spanish for guy]

Sentence Examples with the word CABALLERO

Mitjans, Estudio sobre el movimiento cientifico y literario de Cuba (Havana, 1890); biographies of Varela and Luz Caballero by Rodriguez (see below); files of La Revista de Cuba (16 vols., Havana, 1877-1884) and La Revista Cubana (21 vols., Havana, 1885-1895).

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