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a space within Kirkland House at Harvard University.During Session II of Harvard SSP 2008, the room became a legend.It all begun with "not have we Ever" and "Truth-or-Dare" but unexpectedly turned into "Dare-or-Sodemy"several things took place, including:-Mass Orgies-Gay/Lesbian Sexual Activities-Scissor Sex-Guys in Bras-Sploshing your own specialty of one associated with the tenants-Eating Out-Fingering-Handjobs-Blowjobs-69-Hickies-Threesomes-Stripteases-Pole dances-Lap dances-Christina bear and Sara bear getting hired onThere can be a store that established in C21, full with:-Masseuses -Splosher-Back cracker-Hickey artist-Sex Kitten-Dancer-Someone that simply does EVERYTHING-Owner of Keith Fucking Moon-Mommy-Someone who's retained their dignityC21 can also be used as a verb...usually applies to anything sexual. Twenty first Century