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A military term employed for a male-male-female threesome where the woman offers oral sex to a single guy and genital or anal sex to the other.The term is derived from the C-5 Galaxy plane, that has a hinged nose besides the aft cargo hatch. Therefore, the aircraft may be loaded through the front side and rear.For the same act, look at Eiffel Tower. A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, definition:I'm in position,but stated in normal life Lingo brief for "course 5" used by Canadian Tire staff to signal together of a hot feminine shopper.There vary kinds of C5's, for example:C5-code L = LatinaC5-code M = MILFC5-code LG = minimal girlC5-code P = PregnantC4 = much less hot as C5 but nevertheless worthwhile to aim outC3 = DecentC2 = Put a bag over that shit!C1 = exactly why are you even pointing the lady completely?