What does Byzantium mean?

Byzantium meaning in General Dictionary

An ancient city on the Bosporus founded by the Greeks It was later renamed Constaninople in honor of the emperor Constantine and renamed Istanbul by the Turks which name it still retains

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  • an ancient town regarding Bosporus founded because of the Greeks; web site of contemporary Istanbul; in 330 Constantine we rebuilt the town and labeled as it Constantinople and made it his capital
  • a continuation associated with Roman Empire at the center East as a result of its division in 395

Byzantium meaning in Urban Dictionary

an entirely fagged out location on the ocean of mamara that divides the black colored sea therefore the mediterranean. Constantine thought it wuz tight so he caused it to be the 2nd capitol associated with roman empire. He managed to get all like an uber fort city, and in the end built wall space which justinian would later increase on.

Byzantium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

considered known as because of its 7c. B.C.E. Greek creator, Byzas of Megara.

Sentence Examples with the word Byzantium

Unhappily, however, the taint of the immemorial corruption of Byzantium had fallen upon him too, and the avenue to his favour and to political power lay too often through unspeakable paths.

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