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old Phoenician port (modern-day Jebeil, Lebanon) where Egyptian papyrus had been exported to Greece. The name most likely is a Greek corruption of Phoenician Gebhal, said to imply literally "frontier city" (compare Hebrew gebhul "frontier, boundary," Arabic jabal "mountain"), or maybe it's Canaanite gubla "mountain." The Greek title also might-have-been impacted by, or originate from, an Egyptian word for "papyrus."

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a historical Mediterranean seaport which was a flourishing city-state in Phoenicia throughout the second millennium BC; was the main interface for the export of papyrus; located in Lebanon towards the north of Beirut; now partially excavated

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Among those who paid tribute were Rasun (the biblical Rezin) of Damascus, Menahem of Samaria, the kings of Tyre, Byblos and Hamath and the queen of Aribi (Arabia, the Syrian desert).

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