What does By the book faggot mean?

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By the book faggot means those who insist on doing things 'because of the guide' or correctly, in anxiety about being reprimanded. This particular person is incredibly annoying to any or all guideline breakers available to you. These folks often operate their daily resides 'because of the guide' - having to set-out their particular routine ie. head to work, do the laundry, do an assignment, submit the assignment, get see their particular boyfriend, go to work and hanging out in the weekend. While operating to your workplace they follow every single roadway rule but because they're culture faggots and 'by the guide faggots' they're going sluggish hence, they ought to stick to the left lane; however this is NOT done since they're ignorant men and women. That is VERY irritating for guideline breakers who want to manage all of themthis type of person closely pertaining to society faggots.