What does Butts mean?

Butts meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Henry the Eighth' physician Butts, physician into the King.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Butts meaning in Law Dictionary

In old English law. Brief items of land left unplowed in the stops of industries, where in fact the plow was switched about, (otherwise known as "headlands,") as sidelings were similar unplowed pieces regarding the sides. Burrill. In addition somewhere in which bowmen satisfy to capture at a mark.

Butts meaning in Sports Dictionary

defines the area in whch archery happens or even the bales against which the target face is placed in industry archery. (sport: Archery)

Sentence Examples with the word Butts

The defects of this method are that the tops are liable to split in the brake and the butts to remain foul.

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