What does Buttmint mean?

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Buttmint--like a breathmint, however for the man you're dating's or spouse's butt. Made use of when double dating does occur and friendly competitors (wii bowling, archery, etc) and alcohol consuming games and wagers are combined collectively to generate an unholy stinkiness that burns your nostrils and singes your nose hairs and helps make the girlfriends or spouses wonder if they're planning need clean brown lines from their "better" one half's undies. Buttmints are needed once you must develop a "fart-room" that "better" halfs must visit, to discharge said unholy stinkiness. Buttmints are expected when a boyfriend/husband believes they have shat themselves (yes, shat--past tense of shit) once they only have just farted. Hopefully they will be coming to a shop in your area. Patent pending. : )