What does Butte County mean?

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A county in which this has haven, Chico, Oroville, Lake Oroville, Bidwell Park, Big Chico Creek, Bidwell Mansion, Sutter Buttes, Cal State Chico, mountain lions, bears, deers, salamanders and etc. It really is found in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada region in Ca. If you are a patio person, you will definitely enjoy going outdoors in Butte County. One of the most preferred each day sport within the county is mountain cycling. In addition, the county's cities, Chico, had a strong reputation to be a bike-friendly town. Apart from cycling, you can easily venture out for a walk or a run. Visit Bidwell Park; it will likely be great to simply take a hike around a 3,600 Acre Park. If it gets too hot, swimming into the nice huge Sycamore Pool or Lake Oroville or pool when you look at the Wildcat Recreation Center. If you plan on taking a tour in Butte County, you certainly will like it truth be told there.