What does Butch mean?

Butch meaning in General Dictionary

a lesbian who's noticeably masculine

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  • markedly masculine in features or way made use of of men
  • utilized of males; markedly masculine in appearance or manner
  • (of man or woman homosexuals) described as stereotypically male characteristics or appearance
  • (slang) offensive term for a lesbian who's visibly masculine
  • a closely cropped haircut; generally for males or young men

Butch meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Butcher: Butcher.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Butch meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"hard childhood," 1902, very first attested in nickname of U.S. outlaw George Cassidy (1866-?), probably an abbreviation of butcher (n.). Sense of "aggressive lesbian" is 1940s.

Sentence Examples with the word Butch

No separate room needed, I'll bunk with deceiving Mr. Donald Ryland and make sure that hissy butch doesn't jump his bones or she'll land on me.

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