What does Buster mean?

Buster meaning in General Dictionary

Something huge a roistering knife also a spree

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  • a friendly as a type of address for a guy
  • a robust child
  • someone who breaks ponies
  • a person (or thing) that breaks up or overpowers anything
  • an individual born in generation after the baby increase whenever beginning price fell dramatically
  • Something huge; a roistering blade; in addition, a spree.

Buster meaning in Names Dictionary

produced from a nickname utilized in america, periodically made use of as a first title in honour of American quiet movie comic actor Buster Keaton.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Buster meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1838, "anything big; a person of good energy," United states English slang (originally Missouri/Arkansas), perhaps indicating something which takes a person's breathing away and a real estate agent noun from bust (v.). All over exact same many years, buster (as a prolonged type of bust (letter.)) also required "a frolic, a spree." Thus "a roistering blade" (OED; probably not the popular meaning in old Missouri and Arkansas), attested from 1850. As a generic or playful address to a male, from 1948, American English. Meaning "horse-breaker" is from 1891, United states English; therefore back-formed verb breasts (v.) "break a horse."

Buster meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

someone who trains ponies.

Buster meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Something huge; a roistering blade; additionally, a spree.

Sentence Examples with the word Buster

I grabbed a hot dog with sauerkraut at a stand nearby and watched the theater crowd exit the latest block buster show.

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