What does Bushy mean?

Bushy meaning in General Dictionary

Thick and distributing like a bush

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  • used of locks; dense and defectively groomed
  • resembling a bush in-being thickly branched and spreading
  • Thick and dispersing, like a bush.
  • saturated in bushes; overgrowing with bushes.

Bushy meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Richard the 2nd' A favorite of King Richard.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Bushy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "overgrown with shrubs," from bush (letter.) + -y (2). Of tresses, etc., from 1610s. Related: Bushiness.

Bushy meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Thick and spreading, like a bush.

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  • (a.) filled with bushes; overgrowing with bushes.

Sentence Examples with the word Bushy

The single species, which is a native of western and southern Australia, is about the size of an English squirrel, to which its long bushy tail gives it some resemblance; but it lives entirely on the ground, especially in sterile sandy districts, feeding on ants.

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