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Stories inform us that the soldiers of King Henry II of The united kingdomt were above happy to find the special flavor of Irish whiskey. Not able to pronounce the Gaelic “Uisce Beatha” (liquid of lifetime), they shortened it to “Uisce” and finally to whiskey. Around 1608, the first licence to distil whiskey was awarded by King James the first to the Old Bushmills distillery in village of Bushmills with what happens to be the county of Antrim in Ireland. The organization flourished until Prohibition in the usa. Most of the Irish distilleries were obligated to shut but Bushmills remained available. The Bushmills distillery manager correctly anticipated the end of the ban of alcoholic beverages in America and had ample shares for the good whiskey ready for export. Preferred among discriminating drinkers for the unparalleled selection of high quality Irish whiskeys. Among best, if not the best whiskey in the field. RangeBushmills first, a blend of solitary malt Irish wiskey and Irish grain whiskey.Black Bush, a dark combination, comprised very nearly completely of single malt whiskey. 10 yr old solitary Malt, solitary malt whiskey aged for at the least ten years.16 Year-old Single Malt, solitary malt whiskey matured for at least 16 years in two various kinds of Casks.21 Year-old solitary Malt, solitary malt whiskey matured for a minimum of 21 many years in three various kinds of casks. 1. Top fucking whiskey previously, a product of Ireland.