What does Bushly bushly Bushly mean?

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Something that is undesierable, ugly, shitty, cockly, gay, bullshitly, inexpensive, stingy, terrible, bad, cruddy, god-awful, gross, grungy, icky, sleazeball, bad, niggardly, rancid, rotten, or mortifying. Pronounced "bush-lee." This term is actually a direct result the abuse associated with the term "bush league" by Amir. A rip-off of Ron Burgundy's term "this can be bush!" usually talking about a predicament where someone cannot encounter any luck. This can be the situation when playing poker and also you get beat on the river or in Halo 2 when you are getting beat by some nub wielding the "noob combo." 1) A scale familiar with compare the awesomeness or just how amazing an item and sometimes even it. The thing being compared is said to be "multiplied" by its scaled value.DO NOTE: BUSHLY x10 HAS NEVER BEEN HIT AND IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE