What does BushJet mean?

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an amazing and instead stimulating few terms produced by covering a message reversal back due to policy constraints into the late 2012. From inserting blanks to "you should give me a B_ _ _ J_ _ since you believe I am awesome . The resulting response was filled in as BUSH JET: Bush = Blow and Job = Jet, quite funny right!. So being show your intention in a non incriminating means .You can save your job and possibly get an outcome and prevent typing terms like "BLOW JOB" in your communications and to avoid any organization email policy conflicts.Use the BushJetgreat Positive good Use:Would you prefer a Bush-Jet ?you will do like giving me personally a Bush-Jet , not ?i would like a Bush-Jet ?Would you like a Bush-Jet?Double BushJet ?Upside down Bush-Jet?Bush Jet's enhance you eyes xBush Jets tend to be fun ?ohhhhh Bush Jets!Negative utilization of the Bush-jet ( Avoid ) :No Bush Jet for you ! ... if this is takes place continues because of the Positive above!!!!Enjoy your Bush Jet! ;-)