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During the very first presidential discussion on September 30, 2004 a mysterious bulge ended up being spotted under George Bush's jacket.Many experts have speculated that Bush was wearing a "individual Cueing Device", or what newscasters and film makers call an IFB. A company called Comtek makes an IFB system which matches how big Bush's mysterious bulge.A wireless IFB (like Comtek) consist of a hidden radio receiver used in your individual which in turn relays sound to a little earpiece which suits entirely inside ear (like a little hearing aid). Prepared outlines or "cues" which are to-be spoken are after that sent towards the product wearer.There have now been other times that Bush happens to be spotted with this specific alongside mysterious bulges, like as he has received crucial speaking involvements, or meetings with essential globe frontrunners.For a total description of just how this technique works, do a Google explore these words: Comtek IFB A bush bulge is a small bulge which apparant inside vaginal area of people with exorbitant pubic hair, specially visible whenever wearing tight trousers or pants made fron lycra.It can be viewed whilst the pubic hair has grown to become so vast that attempting to conceal it under typical clothes is related to hiding Jimi Hendrix's afro under a swimming limit.