What does Bus Parkour mean?

Bus Parkour meaning in Urban Dictionary

Bus Parkour is a game that most bus motorists play yet still reject playing it.The online game starts whenever two buses after the exact same path tend to be within one or two prevents range between each other.The objective of this game is to get into end regarding the course before the other bus. If a passenger would like to get off the bus or a passenger would like to log on to the coach at a bus end, the coach must take a look at the bus end and let them on/off.It is it principle that brings the parkour factor into play as both buses tend to be overtaking both as path is followed up until the ultimate end (when you look at the sense that buses tend to be "leaping over both" as with parkour).This may cause huge frustration for people both on / off the coach as Bus Parkour can reduce the trip and/or make the even later on while they already are.