What does Bus mean?

Bus meaning in General Dictionary

An omnibus

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  • ride in a bus
  • send or move about by coach
  • the topology of a network whoever components tend to be connected by a busbar
  • eliminate made use of meals from table in restaurants
  • an electric conductor which makes a typical link between a few circuits
  • a car or truck that is old and unreliable
  • an automobile holding numerous passengers; utilized for trains and buses
  • An omnibus.

Bus meaning in Law Dictionary

Transport (a young child of 1 battle) to a school in which another race is prevalent, in an attempt to promote racial integration.

Bus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1832, abbreviation of omnibus (q.v.). The current English noun is simply a Latin dative plural ending. To miss the coach, into the figurative feeling of "lose a chance," is from 1901, Australian English (OED features a figurative miss the omnibus from 1886). Busman's getaway "leisure time invested doing what someone does for a full time income" (1893) is probably a reference to London coach drivers operating the buses on their days off.

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  • 1838, "traveling by omnibus," from bus (letter.). Transitive meaning "transportation students to incorporate schools" is from 1961, United states English. Meaning "clear tables in a restaurant" is first attested 1913, most likely from four-wheeled cart always carry meals. Relevant: Bused; busing.

Bus meaning in Business Dictionary

element that functions as a conducting pathway for continuous link between various areas of a power or computer. In some type of computer, like, a bus provides a permanent interconnection among the list of primary components: central handling device (CPU), random accessibility memory (RAM), and storage products.

Bus meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

whenever talking about some type of computer, the bus also known as the address bus, data coach, or regional coach is a data link between several products attached to the computer. Like, a bus enables some type of computer processor to communicate with the memory or a video card to talk to the memory.

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  • advisor [Br.]
  • one-man-operated coach

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Bus meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

whilst wheels on bus might go "round and round," data on some type of computer's bus rises and down. Each coach inside a computer is comprised of pair of cables that allow information becoming passed backwards and forwards. Many computers have a number of buses that send data to different elements of the device. Each bus has a particular dimensions, calculated in bits (particularly 32-bit or 64-bit), that determines exactly how much data can travel over the coach at once. Buses also provide a certain speed, assessed in megahertz, which determines how quickly the information can travel. The pc's main bus is known as the frontside bus and connects the Central Processing Unit towards the rest of the components from the motherboard. Growth buses, such as PCI and AGP, allow information to go to and from development cards, including video cards as well as other I/O devices. While there are several buses inside a computer, the rate for the frontside bus is the most important, because it determines how quickly data can move in and out of the processor.

Bus meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An omnibus.

Sentence Examples with the word Bus

More depressing news filled the paper; a drive-by shooting in Dorchester, a knifing at a Boston bus stop and a baby abandoned in a rest room at Logan Airport.

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