What does Burt the couch mean?

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a couch this is certainly taken every-where (Town, Beach and class an such like) it is typically obtained from a tip/dump and "Pimped" with love/care allow it to be searching somewhat decent.Burt can be found in several of the most random places you could previously imagine.If you determine to possess a Burt, ensure you address him/her (Burt is often "bi") as you want a part of your group.Rules:1. Burt is an entire couch whore and can frequently attract many attention so continue him/her in you places constantly. (So those swamp ninjas cannot eliminate Burt)2. No intercourse on Burt, as this could be a birth control issue if Burt is owned by the wrong men and women.3. There's absolutely no limitation to what number of folks can fit on Burt.4. If Burt is used to relax and play halo, MLG guidelines will simply be accepted as Burt just wishes the best.5. If beverage is spilled, the spiller must lick it well passionately.not to ever be confused with levis couch