What does Bursa mean?

Bursa meaning in General Dictionary

Any sac or saclike cavity particularly one of many synovial sacs or little rooms frequently lined with synovial membrane layer interposed between muscles and bony prominences

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  • a tiny fluid-filled sac located between movable body parts specifically at joints
  • a city in northwestern Turkey
  • Any sac or saclike cavity; particularly, among the synovial sacs, or little areas, often lined with synovial membrane, interposed between muscles and bony prominences.

Bursa meaning in Medical Dictionary

A closed, fluid-filled sac that works as a gliding surface to lessen friction between areas regarding the human anatomy. When a bursa becomes inflamed, the problem is known as bursitis.

Bursa meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat A purse.

Bursa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

by 1788 as an English word in physiology, shortened from medieval Latin bursa mucosa "mucus pouch," from Medieval Latin bursa "bag, bag," from belated Latin bursa, variant of byrsa "hide," from Greek byrsa "hide, epidermis, wineskin, drum," that is of as yet not known source; compare purse (letter.).

Bursa meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A pouch of liquid that eases the pain sensation of movement in certain places.

Bursa - German to English


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  • pyx [for ill communion]

Bursa meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Any sac or saclike hole; specifically, among synovial sacs, or little spaces, usually lined with synovial membrane layer, interposed between tendons and bony prominences.

Sentence Examples with the word Bursa

There is some reason to believe that this complicated and variable apparatus is used for stabbing the body of another animal and that beginning as a weapon for catching prey it has become modified for hypodermic impregnation and only gradually adapted for insertion into the bursa copulatrix.

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