What does Burp mean?

Burp meaning in General Dictionary

a reflex that expels wind noisily from the belly through the mouth

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  • to cause to belch made use of especially of actions parents take to relieve tummy gasoline in infants as mommy provided and burped the infant and put this lady to sleep
  • to identical to belch as In Asia its courteous to burp during the dining table
  • expel gas from the stomach
  • a reflex that expels gas noisily through the stomach through the mouth

Burp meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. petrol brought up through the tummy through lips making a gutteral noise.2. As a verb, to carry up fuel from the stomach through lips. And to help a baby mention fuel after feeding by rubbing or patting its straight back.

Burp meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1932, noun and verb, American English, obviously imitative. The transitive feeling of the verb is first taped 1940. Relevant: Burped; burping. Burp weapon attested from 1945.