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Burnout haven is the seventh installment within the Burnout franchise produced by Criterion Games and posted by Electronic Arts. It's drastically different from last Burnout parts. You game is in sandbox design therefore start events by striking break and acceleration key on noticeable points on chart. Graphics are incredible smooth and colorful – in my opinion it’s the best searching race game on 256bit consoles. Additionally there is certainly an option to select your soundtrack from HDD since "Cagney" upgrade released on July 10, 2008 for ps3 and on August 4, 2008 for Xbox 360All great settings from last Burnouts tend to be as well as brand new people are coming almost every month as buy-able content (DLC).The highlight of Burnout Paradise could be the multiplayer mode in which dipshits from all over the planet will fuck your day. You merely hate playing this video game due to those jack asses.If you're anticipating 20+h of tight game play you get it - that fucking awesome, however, if you are expecting super hardcore online game you will end up dissopoitment. It is not Grid on ultrahard level.