What does Burner mean?

Burner meaning in General Dictionary

a person who or that which burns off or units fire to something

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  • the heating aspects of a stove or range where pots and pans are placed for cooking
  • an apparatus for burning up fuel (or refuse)
  • a person who, or whatever, burns or units fire to anything.
  • The part of a lamp, fuel installation, etc., in which the flame is created.

Burner meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., additionally as a surname, Brenner, "person who makes bricks," agent noun from burn (v.)). As a name for an integral part of a lamp where in actuality the flame is applied, from 1790. Of gas-cooking stoves, by 1885.

Burner meaning in Sports Dictionary

Describes the system comprising the coiled stainless steel tubing that feeds the propane gas on jets. (recreation: Ballooning)

Burner meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Slang used for CD-ROM burner, additionally referred to as a CD-R. A burner is any disc drive effective at creating a disc, such a CD-R or DVD-R drive.

Burner meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who, or what, burns off or units fire to everything.

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  • (n.) The part of a lamp, gasoline installation, etc., where the flame is produced.

Sentence Examples with the word Burner

The laboratory form in common use consists of a bellows worked by either hand or foot, and a special type of gas burner formed of two concentric tubes, one conveying the blast, the other the gas; the supply of air and gas being regulated by stopcocks.

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