What does Burned Fur Burned Fur mean?

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a part or ex-member of this furry fandom who has been burned in a few extreme way. Frequently this might be due to some occasion or other part of the fandom which includes offended all of them sufficient that they feel their perspective of exactly what the fandom must be is correct. They have been enthusiastic in their views and often attempt to speak away highly against whatever they feel is against their particular ethical statutes. They begin to see the furry fandom has obtained an ugly front and seek to treat this while making the fandom more "family friendly" by detatching all of the "bizarre" or maybe illegal portions associated with fandom from public eye, or altogether totally. A failed attempt to "improve" furry fandom, made up mostly of well-intentioned furries but lacking any real way. The complete company collapsed as soon as the members switched on eachother and some went nuts.